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We're students advocating for the most effective climate policy.

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About the CFD Movement

The CFD Movement began in 2023 by students in Citizens' Climate Lobby at the College of William & Mary. We young people will be most impacted by the changing climate, so we're focused on this policy because it is the single most effective climate policy that could be passed in the US.

The idea is for students to make signs and show them where they can. This includes taping signs to their laptops, dorm doors, bulletin boards, anywhere and everywhere.

The vision is for a snowball effect to happen where students across America start persistently advocating for the policy and writing their representatives. We believe that when Congress sees enough support they will pass the policy. If this theory of change does not hold, we are making this policy such a priority that Americans will start to only vote for representatives who would pass it.



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Snowball Effect

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